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Nepali Shatavari Plant

Nepali Shatavari Plant
Nepali Shatavari Plant
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Product Description

Incorporated in the year 2005, we are considered amongst the cardinal manufacturers and suppliers of Nepali Shatavari Seeds. Under the strict guidance of our experts, these seeds are processed using sophisticated technique. Highly appreciated among our clients for their purity, longer shelf life and medicinal properties, we are offering these seeds to our clients at affordable prices. Ideal for milk secretion in lactating mothers, Nepali Shatavari Seeds are highly demanded by pharmaceuticals industries.  

We are into supplying of “The Best Quality Stevia Plants / Saplings” & “Stevia Seeds”. We prepare the Stevia Saplings/plants of the finest quality having very dense roots, especially for planting purpose. As it is a well-known fact that the roots are the most important factor looked upon when Plants are purchased for Sowing/planting, we attempt to meet the customer expectation by providing quality products. Every Year Millions of Stevia plants are prepared & floated at very reasonable rates in entire India. Various NG0’S, Private Firms & Traders purchase the finest quality Stevia plants from us and give them to the farmers for cultivation. We supply Stevia Plants in thermocol boxes to ensure the safety and freshness as much as possible.

Cultivation Technology & it’s Importance
As everybody is aware that from past many years, farmers have been using such chemicals that our lands have become addicted to those Chemicals and without their use, proper yield is just a dream. But after going through many products, techniques, lands of different states, different environmental conditions & discussing hours with many scientists, we came to a conclusion. Now we say with confidence that – We have achieved the finest products to increase production of your crops. We have such revolutionary products, which are changing the face of farming and have turned it into a profitable business.

We purchase and sell the Stevia Plants, Planting Material, and Dry Leaves. In addition, we provide the contact details of persons engaged in buying of Stevia in any form.

The yield depends on a lot of factors including the quality of plants used for planting, climate, cultivation techniques & products used. We supply millions of best quality Stevia Plants having dense roots to traders/farmers/NGO’s. We use the best techniques to raise saplings of the finest quality so that all the buyers dealing with us get the best yields.

As Stevia is a 5-year crop, it is observed that its production graph is like a ‘Pyramid’. It gives enough production in the first year, more during second year and the maximum yield in the third year. After that, production declines during the third & forth year. A regular farmer can get an average of 80-100 quintal leaves in 5 years (Depending on cultivation methods & other factors at field). Growers can achieve extremely fine production through our recommended products or can have at least an increased production of 25%-40 %.

First pruning of Stevia leaves is done after 120 days. After that, in every 75-90 days (depending on climatic conditions & products used),the leaves can be pruned.

After pruning, the leaves are dried in shade and then immediately sent to market for selling. The leaves are stored in gunnysacks in shade or in open in a room where there is no sunlight. If we want to keep the leaves, we can preserve them for 3 months. Even after 3 months, the leaves can be kept but then a bit of degradation starts likes excess shrinkage, black spots etc.

It requires immense moisture in the soil. We have to irrigate the field as per the demand of the soil.

Planting/Sowing material requirement
At least around 40000 well rooted Stevia plants are needed for planting. The saplings used for planting should have dense roots so that the plant re -germinates properly & in a healthy manner.

Manures & Growth Agents
As Stevia is for human consumption as a medicine, it is mandatory to do it naturally or with organic products. Growers can contact us to have the most effective products to increase the quality and quantity of the Stevia leaves and achieve additional profit.

Bed Preparation
Raised beds are required for Stevia plantation. Therefore, 1 ft heighted and 1.5 ft wide beds are built.

Time of Planting
Stevia saplings can be sown any time of the year. It is advised not to plant saplings during excess rain, heat, and winter. Stevia planting can be done from August – December (till temperature of winter does not goes below 10 degree C). After that again Stevia planting can be started from January onwards and continues till March end (till temperature does not exceed 42 degree C).

Land Preparation
Land preparation is very important in Stevia cultivation because once prepared, the beds will remain same for 5 years. Therefore, we have to enrich them with manure, growth promoters, and nutrients after the making of raised beds, which is prepared through deep plough & tilling.